Opening Reception June 4th 5:30PM

Oakland Marriott Lobby
1001 Broadway
Oakland, CA

Spirits Known and Unknown

Spirits Known and Unknown is a homage to the known and unknown greats of the music industry with artists like Miles Davis, Marshall Allen, Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Lloyd. Kamau Amen-Ra’s body of  work is a continuation of Joyce Gordon’s curated exhibitions on Jazz music and Oakland local artists at the Oakland Marriott City Center lobby.

Kamau’s photographs have been printed in various magazines, newspapers, album covers and books.   He is a historian that writes with his camera lens.

“The very first Jazz Band I seriously tried to photograph was Miles Davis.  This was at the Chicago Opera House.   The funny part about it was that Miles wasn’t the Headliner.  It was Mariam Makeba.  The year was (1965).  I remember someone telling me to buy some fast film.  At that time, film speed of 400ASA was really fast.  To make a long story short, I didn’t have good luck at that shoot. Over the years I’ve learn how to be able to tell a story about the music.  What a honor to be able to photograph these great musicians… I believe that that UNIVERSE knows these spirits.  Let your spirits go and free yourself. ” – Kamau Amen-Ra


Photographs by Ralph Granich
May 7 – Jue 28, 2010

Opening Reception on the first Friday!
May 7, 2010, Friday, 6:00pm-9:00pm, FREE

Lower Level (Photo Gallery)
Joyce Gordon Gallery

406 14th st. (12th st. bart exit)
Oakland, CA 94612

To Ralph Granich, taking photographs is something he just has to do. A compulsive recorder of the mundane to the magnificent, Granich is seriously humorous about his passion. Ralph was raised in the East Bay and has taken pictures since he was a young boy.
When he was older Ralph studied under Bill Dane, who was good friends with Lee Frielander, and who shot in a similar style. Granich’s work was inspired by the desire of these two photographers to shoot “nothing shots”–mundane slice-of-life pictures with no clear action or narrative. While in Europe, Ralph’s repertoire expanded to include photographs of famous people including Leopold Stowkowski conducting at The Royal Albert Concert Hall in London. Upon returning to the United States, Ralph studied photography at Laney College in Oakland, CA. He also photographed Kerry, Obama and both Bill and Hilary Clinton when they were presidential candidates.