Joyce Gordon Gallery presents

Conversations in Dinqnesh

MARCH 1-APRIL 30, 2011
Opening reception: March 4, Friday,  5:30 to 9 p.m.
Related event: Discussion on March 5, Saturday, 3-5:00 p.m.

Gwendolyn Aqui
Jamilah Cherry
Francine Haskins
Aziza Gibson-Hunter
Gloria Kirk
Cynthia Sands
Julee Dickerson-Thompson

Joyce Gordon Gallery celebrates Women’s History Month in March with “Conversations in Dinqnesh” featuring women artists Francine Haskins, Aziza Gibson-Hunter, and Julee Dickerson Thompson from Washington, D.C.  These textile artists capture Herstory a narrative that validates mothers, sisters, girlfriends as the “soul of the world”.  The quilts inspire the passion and beauty of giving back and are inspired by the grace and character of the “first woman” … born from Africa.  This exhibition is “a call to truth, a call for courage, a call for responsibility and action. It is a song, to our mothers ancient and future for another world to be birthed.”

Woman/Sister /Mother/Queen… Sensual and empowered,  possessing ancestral knowledge,  a clear vision, and a joy for life.  These are explored within the “Conversations in Dinqnesh”, an exhibition featuring seven women expressing the songs of our mothers and their instinctive revelations of birth, passage, and enigmatic sagacity.

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