Milton510 Experience @Joyce Gordon Gallery II

May 13, 2010

Opening Reception May 29, 2010 3pm

Upstairs @ Western Book Store
1618 Franklin St
Oakland, CA


Milton Bowens

This series of paintings, “Oh Happy Sundays,” examines the Black Church Community and 3 key roles of worship in the Black Church. I was raised in the church, and eye am fully aware that there is no denomination officially known as the Black Church. Yet the name, Black Church, is much more than just a title; it stands for the many ways in which Black Americans worship GOD.  The term Black Church transcends denominational boundaries and denotes a long standing cultural and spiritual identification.

This series explores the Word, the Song, and the Ancestral Belief of that never ending unconditional understanding for the power of prayer. You do not need to be a member of the Black Church Family to understand the aesthetics of this series, you simply need to understand the value of Love, Family, and Faith and you will be just fine.


One Response to “Milton510 Experience @Joyce Gordon Gallery II”

  1. Milt 510 said

    The Opening Reception was Amazing !
    thanks to Joyce once again for allowing Me a chance to share with the community. THANK YOU

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