Amor Fati, A Group Exhibition

January 6, 2010

Joyce Gordon Gallery
proudly presents

Amor Fati, Love of Fate

Amor Fati
January 8 – February 8, 2010
Opening Reception:  January 8, 2010, Friday, 6pm-9pm

(England Hidalgo, Marcius Noceda,
Carlo Ricafort, Mel Vera Cruz)
Malaquias Montoya
Miju (Michele Muennig & Juan Carlos Quintana)
Favianna Rodriguez
Carlos Villa

Amor Fati,  love of fate, represents works that have passion towards life. 
Parallel to turmoil, history and progress  – is a creative process of color,
narrative and subjectivity.  This is when an artist comes in to deliberate,
paint,  and tell  stories of  justice,  torment,  truth or  even chaos – to the
devotion to  ” what is “.  Curated by Lian Ladia.

Joyce Gordon


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