Rodger Birt : Reunion/After Painting at the Photo gallery

October 14, 2009



Reunion & After Painting
Photographs by Rodger Birt

October 24-31, 2009
Closing Reception:  October 31, 6:00 – 9:00p.m.

Photography Gallery

“Reunion & After Painting”, an exhibition of photographs by Rodger Birt is presented by the Joyce Gordon Gallery between October 24-31, 2009.  Two bodies of work are the prime content of this exhibition.  “Reunion” is a black and white photographic narrative inspired by mesmeric recollections of the London Fog.  His color work, “After Painting,” evokes Pop Art and the Abstract Expressionist painterly tradition found in the environment, with the use of a photographic camera.

Rodger Birt was born in New Jersey.  He was a professor in the Humanities Department at San Francisco State University. He received a B.A an M.A in History  at Indiana University, and garnered a Ph.D. at Yale University where his dissertation was on the late 19th century History of San Francisco.   He has had exhibitions in London, San Francisco, and Lebanon.  He currently lives in Oakland, California.


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